After Samuel finished his epic unicycle ride around Australia, Love Your Sister was bombarded with offers from travel companies wanting to do cause-related. Samuel was suspicious, very tired from a year on the one-wheeler and consequently reluctant to take any meetings on the issue. 

The gang at Chimu found his achilles though and Samuel found himself reluctantly impressed by their record of community service (it helped that his idol, Andrew Denton, has travelled several times with Chimu on cause-related trips and raved about the experiences).
Samuel : “When I was a kid I dreamt of saving a whopping $10,000 for a berth on the Aurora Australis, the only vessel at the time to offer tickets to Antarctica to the general public.” 
“I had read about Sir Douglas Mawson and became obsessed with what might have really happened out there on the ice. I may’ve been a budding conspiracy theorist, or perhaps just a morbid kid with a penchant for the macabre but I was convinced that he ate his friend to survive.” There is no evidence to suggest this - he survived by eating his dogs one by one.
Despite his obsession, Samuel’s well laid plans remained just that. Before Samuel knew it he was middle-aged and unicycling around the country for his sick sister. Antarctica was a forgotten dream.

Until now, of course. 

In Samuel’s words, “It’s where the voices aren’t. And I want to see it before it goes.” 

Most berths are sold but there’s a few left! Click this if you’re a once-in-a-lifetime kinda person.

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