Love Your Sister’s favourite faulty brother Samuel Johnson (also known as the bloke what played Molly Meldrum) recently retired after 23 years as a middling actor to focus on Love Your Sister full time. He dropped a lengthy retirement of rant on social and laced it with a bit of rough language.
He was sternly rebuked by his sister who quite rightfully reminded him that profanity wasn’t the way to encourage corporate support, after all, our village aim is to throw $10M at cancer vanquishment and we need all the support we can get. She was right, of course.

Samuel hit back though. Surely he wasn’t the only one with graphic words for cancer? In fact, if any place could swear cancer to death, it would be Australia, surely? Samuel was biting back at his sister after being told off (some things never change) and he wanted to show that having a potty mouth wasn’t necessarily a negative. As he has always said ‘honesty is my only currency’. The village responded in spades and the Swear Jar Campaign was born.
Minutes after Samuel’s online retort, the internet pretty much melted. Dez from The Graphics Department weighed into the feed with a design - he dubbed it the “Not Another XXXXing Swear Jar” campaign. Soon after, Jase from Printfresh chipped in and offered to print the Swear Jar stickers, same day! 

This was a movement born from sibling rivalry and driven by our village, who went bananas at the prospect of swearing cancer to death. Over 3000 swear jars have sprung up everywhere, from homes and school staff rooms, to emergency departments, hair salons and shearing sheds. We even have Swear Jars overseas with our troops. Apparently they swear like troopers?

Samuel, although prone to grandiose delusions, believes that this campaign can raise a cool $1M and “give the ultimate f**k you to cancer for meddling with our families”. With the takings at near 100K he’s not sounding so batty this time!

Because Samuel didn’t think things through or anticipate this campaign actually working, he offered to take care of the campaign personally. Thus, samuel@loveyoursister.org if you want to join the entirely accidental Swear Jar Revolution.

And for what it’s worth, Connie has been designing a ‘colourful’ colouring book in support of Samuel’s defensiveness.
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