Samuel Johnson is Love Your Sister’s resident ‘de-lebrity’ and has been disgracing our stages and screen as a middling actor for well beyond two decades now. He is best known for his work on cult hit The Secret Life of Us and cop drama Rush, and is mostly not remembered at all for his role as Mick Molloy’s best mate in Crackerjack. He is now best known now for his portrayal of Ian Meldrum in Seven’s ratings smash ‘Molly’, after which he promptly retired to spend all of his time here in the LYS Village “so that I can be a part of the new ‘moonshot’ and help kick cancer in the face-hole once and for all.”
Samuel Johnson is more than just a newly retired Aussie actor though. Most importantly, he is Connie Johnson’s little brother. After his big sister Connie was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer Samuel made Connie the promise of a lifetime. To ride his unicycle around the entire country for her in an effort to remind every young mum in the land to be breast aware.
Samuel kept his promise. He spent a whole year atop a unicycle vowing to do whatever it takes to remind young mums to check their boobs.
Besides being a goose on a unicycle, Samuel begrudgingly bears the title of Chief Flagbearer here at Love Your Sister. He shirks at the idea of being a spokesperson, let alone a flagbearer, but LYS needs a voice and he accepts this. Connie’s too sick to blow the trumpet as often as needed so Samuel’s our guy at the front. But, in a way, Samuel’s the guy behind it all too.
Samuel built Love Your Sister while Connie was sick with gmail and a mobile phone. He hustles really hard and is constantly obsessing about how to improve Love Your Sister, to the point where it sometimes becomes unhealthy. He is known to work too hard and forget about life and breaks down every now and then in front of the entire village.
Samuel is a bit of a nutter. He can be volatile. When he’s on there’s nothing like it, when he’s off you won’t know where he is. He’s an unpredictable, intense, loving, emotional and often over-enthusiastic guy whose pet hate is when his ‘passion’ gets taken personally. Someone who rides all the way around the country on one wheel has to have at least one screw loose and most people who know Samuel would concede this.
No matter which Samuel you get, we love him forever for getting on that one-wheeled absurdity and going all the way around the country with a bloody big goofy smile on his face, determined to make this ‘not just another hard luck story’. Samuel has vowed to keep screaming from the rafters until our mum’s stop dying, and that’s why we put up with his shit.
Samuel was awarded the Centenary Medal in the Queen’s Honours List in 2000 for Services to the Arts and the Community and has won an AACTA award for Best Actor in a Television Drama. He has been nominated for 3 Logies and has held the title for GQ Magazine’s Social Force of the Year. His and Connie’s book ‘Love Your Sister’ was nominated for Best Biography at the ABIA Awards and in 2016 Samuel was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for his services to cancer research.
After Love Your Sister hits the $10M mark Samuel threatens to “hide at the foot of a rocky outcrop and marry my veggie patch” but we all know he wouldn’t last a week before appearing back on the battlefront.
Watch Samuel’s Interview on Adam Hills Tonight here!

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