Love Your Sister (LYS hereafter) is the first breast cancer charity to ditch the pink. Why? It was done without consultation and without notice. By Connie's naughty little brother Samuel of course. 

Let’s be clear, we are not campaigning for a change of colour across the sector, the others can do as they please. We actually love pink here but we refuse to give cancer a colour because we feel strongly that it simply doesn’t deserve one.
As Samuel told the village..."We no longer use pink.The ubiquitous use of pink, from our water bottles to our Tim Tams, is pacifying us into believing that enough is being done to fix the problem. It misleads us. Besides, pink is a soft colour. Nothing about breast cancer is soft. The only colour for me that truly represents the cancer that fells our mums is black. The breast cancer conversation is thankfully dominated by survivors, but what of the 3000 per year that still die? What of my sister? Who is representing them? From now on we use black silver and white. Black for those who perish. White for the hope we refuse to abandon. Silver for the lining we must have."
Much to everyone’s surprise, Connie let him get away with it “He’s usually a compliant little brother so I was surprised, to say the least, that he managed to change as much as he did without me knowing, but ultimately it’s not about whether pink best represents breast cancer at all. Love Your Sister now fights all cancers, so pink doesn't truly represent us anymore anyway. Now our aim is to vanquish the myriad of diseases we call cancer. So I let him get away with it because it fits.”

Says Samuel, “After we ditched the pink, Kochie had a crack at us for upsetting the apple cart and he’s got to be the biggest bozo on telly, so I knew we’d done the right thing when he decided to get all faux miffed.”
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