Boobies are pretty crucial, you know, the whole source of life thing and all, so it’s important that you keep more than a casual eye on them. 

Connie Johnson, the sister in Love Your Sister, was diagnosed with mastitis three times by three GP’s before her breast cancer was accurately diagnosed, by which time her cancer had really taken hold.

Since our inception innumerable younger women have told of having their breast cancer concerns dismissed, simply because they fall outside of the typical age-range, only to discover a problem down the line. We don’t want young women to panic - statistically you will most likely be ok - but we do encourage you to be alert, thorough and proactive.

It’s already been said and it can’t be said enough, early detection and treatment is the only real cure. 
It’s not really kosher to talk about instincts when dealing with the medical realities of cancer, but if you’re told not to worry and your instinct is telling you something is still wrong, get a second opinion from a doctor who is willing to test to rule out anything scary or nasty. One of two things will happen - you will pay for peace of mind or be detected early and given the best chance.

It’s not the funnest thing to do, in fact it can be quite nerve wracking, however it beats the alternative. Connie’s one big regret in life is not being more proactive during this process. She’s paying the ultimate price and is desperate to prevent you going down the same road.

Please self-check using the instructions provided in the link below and CONSULT YOUR GP immediately if you recognise any irregularities.
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