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Samuel's Blog #2

  • By Gayathri Rajkumar
  • 03 Aug, 2016


I’ve got a new word - ‘shuttlefuck’. For example, ‘Today was a complete shuttlefuck’. It describes the kinda days where you chase your tail the whole time. Or get shoved from one thing to another with no time to take pause and calibrate.
Still spinning. Keeping all the LYS balls in the air is a pretty complete head-fuck sometimes, truthfully. I do voicey’s for a certain commercial radio station and through them I’ve been offered the services of a life coach. I’m into getting help. Have done before for all sorts of mental maladies, so I’m into it in principal. This guy has really helped Hamish and Andy and they’re still doing great, same too with the gloriously talented Em Rusciano. So I’m taking my LYS co-conspirator Embo with me and we’re going to go and get some advice on how to keep our shit super tight without melting. I’m really hopeful actually. I imagine this guy will recognise that our fundamentals are strong and help us with the necessary tweaks. Always important to learn as much as you can as often as you can. Otherwise you’re dead.

My inbox is a clusterfuck, but I lopped 60 or 70 off the top today. Took a good while. Led to a few phone calls with some cool villagers though, and relieved some of the inbox stress, so that pretty much guarantees a better sleep. Oh, the glamour. Night.

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